The Truth About Pricing

Tired of confusing pricing and misleading tactics in our market? Sigh…we were too. So we decided it was about time we created some resources for our customers. Check out the videos below to learn about what ford incentives mean (and which ones you can qualify for), how to spot dishonest internet pricing, and a little about our exclusive 100,000 mile warranty that comes with every new Richmond Ford.

Why would we do that you ask? We believe an educated customer – is our customer.

Educating you, Protecting you, Driven By You.

Private Offers

What are Private Offers? Private offers are discounts of up to $3,000 that Ford provides specific customers. They’re called “private” because you have to check with your local dealership to determine if you have one.

What’s the Catch? In this case, there really isn’t one. All you have to do is provide some information and we can check if you have have a private offer from Ford. You can do that here.

How Do We Get to the Best Price?

I want to know the best price on a vehicle! Well, we’d love to give that to you. However, there are some discounts all customers qualify for, some discounts that depend on how you purchase (for example using for credit), and some that depend on other conditions (like if you’re currently a student of first responder). All this means is that we’ll have to speak with you in order to be able to give you your true “best price”.

What to watch out for: some dealers are including incentives that you may not qualify for in their internet pricing, you walk-in or submit a lead expecting one price, only to find that it jumps up hundreds or thousands of dollars, which is not only annoying but also misleading. You can chat with our team anytime (just click on the little blue circle in the bottom right of your screen) and we’ll get to your best price on whichever vehicle you like!

Processing Fee

Why are dealers ripping me off with a processing fee? We promise we’re not “ripping you off”. In fact, our processing fee is either in line or lower than our competition. The processing fee covers all sorts of administrative costs associated with purchasing a vehicle. Vehicle margins are lower than they used to be, so processing fees have become commonplace.

What to make sure you see: It is Virginia law that the processing fee be present on vehicle pricing. When online shopping make sure that you can find the processing fee located on the website somewhere – otherwise you’re in for a big surprise when you arrive, and you’re also shopping a dealer that is not abiding by VA law.

Trade Assist

What is Trade Assist anyways? Trade Assist is money Ford allows us to use if you have a trade-in that is a 1995 or newer that you plan to trade-in at the time of your new vehicle purchase. All you have to do is bring in your trade when you decide you’d like to come shop or take a test drive. You can get a head start on finding out what your trade is worth by filling out this form.

Richmond Ford’s 100,000 Mile Warranty

Why would Richmond Ford offer a 100,000 mile warranty on every new vehicle? Our owner, Ron Kody thought this would be a great way to add value to our customers. We figured if we took good care of our customers. they’d be more likely to choose us for service and for their next vehicles purchases. We hope you take it into consideration when buying your next new Ford! Shop our new inventory here.