Getting to your best price is something that requires a dealer to ask questions. What we have seen some dealers do is advertise prices that require you to qualify for conditional incentives, thats a no-no. Watch the video to learn about the different types of incentives, and which ones you might qualify for.

Private Offers are incentives from Ford that customers can qualify for. In order for a dealership to determine if you have a Private Offer we need to collect a little bit of information from you. You can complete a Private Offer Check with any of our locations (Short Pump, Downtown, or West Point). The Private Offer Check is complimentary and there is no obligation to purchase. 

Interested in trading in your old ride when you buy your new ride? Then this one might apply to you! Your trade-in has to be a 1995 or newer vehicle and you must trade it in at the time of purchase to receive Trade Assist. You can complete a trade appraisal online at any of our locations, chat with our teams, or schedule a time to come in to learn more about this one. 

This is a super common question we get asked, and for good reason! Processing fees are dealer fees that are added to the vehicle to cover all sorts of costs, including admin costs. Processing fees have become standard in many markets due to the decreasing margins on vehicles. What you need to watch out for: Virginia law states that processing fees must be disclosed in vehicle pricing, make sure you can find them when online shopping.