Our friends around Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Ashland often stop into Richmond Ford Lincoln with a singular question on their mind: what are the best used SUVs to buy?

This is a terrific question because there are many pre-owned SUVs you can consider. In the following sections, we’ll be discussing some of the best used SUVs on the market and their accompanying features. So, if you find yourself in need of a pre-owned SUV but aren’t sure which model fits your needs, keep reading this insightful article!

Used Ford Escape

For starters, let’s take a look at the pre-owned Ford Escape. This midsize SUV prides itself on reliable performance, an intuitive infotainment system, and plenty of versatility.

The performance is a home run. You’ll find the engine to be energetic from a standstill and the transmission to be expertly refined, able to glide between gears without disrupting the rhythm of the cabin.

As for infotainment, you’ll easily be able to sync your smartphone with the vehicle, giving you easy access to playlists, navigation, and more features.

Finally, the used Ford Escape provides enough versatility for you to travel on-road as easily as off-road. Inside, you can configure the cabin to better fit your needs by adjusting the second-row seats.

Used Ford Edge

The used Ford Edge shares many similarities to the Ford Escape. Both have terrific performance and versatile interiors that allow you to adjust the passenger space and cargo room to fit your needs.

The Ford Edge builds upon these features by offering an extensive list of safety features, including driver-assistance technology that will actively keep you safe while driving on the highway or navigating a crowded parking lot.

Used Ford Flex

The Ford Flex is like a peacock. Its brilliant and showy exterior attracts the eye and is covering up a refined elegance that stands out when placed next to competing models.

The superb driving mechanics of this SUV, including the composed transmission and shock-absorbing suspension, allow you to effortlessly glide along the streets. The interior is spacious with enough room to support the whole family.

Finally, there’s the tight-cornered exterior that glimmers in the sunlight and gives your family-hauling vehicle a commanding presence

Used Ford Expedition

The cavernous pre-owned Ford Expedition is a striking model not only due to its size, but also because of its driver-friendly nature.

The family, the dog, and all your possessions will fit into this behemoth SUV. Underneath the hood, you’ll find plenty of power, giving you the option to tow small boats or ATVs.

This model also sports a range of new-age technology, which will give you a sense of comfort and convenience while travelling.

Find Your Favorite Used SUV!

The used and certified pre-owned SUV inventory at Richmond Ford Lincoln is home to all of these terrific SUVs along with other noteworthy options, such as the Ford Explorer and Ford EcoSport. Now, begin browsing to find your ideal fit.

If there’s a particular model that stands out, consider scheduling a test drive around Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Ashland.

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